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Commercial Agreement between Officeblvd.com and Business Centers/Executive Office Suites

This is a legal agreement between Officeblvd.com and you [Location, Business Center, Center, BC, space]. By communicating to us by phone, mail, fax or email and accepting this agreement, you are accepting the terms and conditions and are legally required to follow them. This agreement is additional to the Terms and Conditions on the site and overrules any conflict or discrepancy between them. This agreement starts on the date your information is approved by Officeblvd.com and uploaded for public viewing and will be valid for twelve (12) months. The agreement will renew itself for periods of twelve (12) months thereafter unless terminated by either party.


Listing your location on the site is free. There are no charges for registering or uploading your information on the site. There are no monthly or annual fees. You will be billed if a potential client that is referred by us signs a service agreement or otherwise becomes a paying customer in any of your locations listed or not on Officeblvd.com.

After you complete registration and accept the terms and conditions in this commercial agreement, our team will review the content you submitted within twenty-four (24) hours and make it accessible to public viewing or suggest modifications if deemed necessary. This agreement starts on the date your information is approved by Officeblvd.com and uploaded for public viewing and will be valid for twelve (12) months thereafter. Officeblvd.com reserves the right to cancel access to listings if the commissions are not paid within thirty (30) calendar days of BC receiving a signed agreement from referred user, if the BC does not update the status of applicants for over 15 calendar days, or does not inform Officeblvd.com of an agreement signing within 5 days.

Lead introduction

A LEAD IS INTRODUCED THE MOMENT THE BUSINESS CENTER DETAILS ARE PRESENTED TO THE USER. Business Center details will be displayed on screen after user registers, a confirmation email will be sent to the user’s email address and a notification email will be automatically sent to the BC. Receipt of the confirmation email/fax, introduction will serve as a confirmation only and shall not be deemed as a qualification for an effective introduction to be made. Business Center shall do its best effort to find out how the lead learned about its location and visit the site to update on the progress. Any potential tenant that contacts, visits and/or signs a service agreement at your location as a result of visiting the site will be classified as a lead referred to you by Officeblvd.com and shall be subject to the commission structure detailed in the Referral fees section below.

Lead rejection

If a user is referred to you by Officeblvd.com and you already have knowledge of it, you must notify Officeblvd.com by update on the site no later than Seventy-two (72) hours of introduction. Failure to do so will confirm your acceptance of the referral and a commission will be due when an agreement is signed, unless a written explanation is provided stating that the lead has been rejected and reasons why.

Lead Updates

You understand and agree to keep us updated on the progress of each and every lead referred by us. Every lead must be updated the same day a new communication or event occurs and no lead can have a period of more than fifteen (15) days without being updated. Officeblvd.com reserves the right to suspend any listing if it considers proper updating has not been performed.

Our Account managers may contact you by both email and phone to request an update on a specific lead or to provide updated information on a lead’s search. You are agreeing to respond to these update requests in a timely fashion. Failing to update the leads’ status may result in suspension or deletion of your listing. We may also contact the leads directly to inquire on their search progress.

Referral fees

You will pay all referral fees due within a thirty (30) day period of signing an agreement with a lead referred by us. We will invoice you for every lead that has signed an agreement at your center for the period of time the agreement was signed for based on the fee structure explained below. Non-inclusion of any fee entitled to us will not constitute a waiver of fees or discounts. Invoicing must serve as a guide but it is your responsibility to pay all due referral fees within the times stipulated in this agreement.

Referral fees will be as follows:

10% of the aggregate fees that the referred lead has contracted to pay you, up to a maximum term of twelve (12) months. Included in these fees will be charges for use of office space, furniture rental, conference and team rooms, any other facilities and/or contracting of Virtual Office/Corporate Identity packages. Fees will apply whether payment is on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. No fee will be paid on services such as local and long distance telephone and fax service, Internet access, word processing, photocopying or printing services, or variable “pay per use” services that may be offered by your location.

You will continue to pay Officeblvd.com the specified referral fee for any agreement renewals, so long as the combined initial and renewal terms for each specific space do not exceed twelve (12) months. Officeblvd.com will only be paid for the first twelve (12) months of the combined agreements.


Officeblvd.com will have the right to audit your books every quarter, by a mutually acceptable 3rd party qualified auditor, if we believe that all referral fees have not been paid in full or all agreements that have been signed due to lead referrals we have produced have not been reported. If such an audit is performed only the auditor shall have access to the BC Financial information and data, which shall remain confidential to BC. Auditors shall not remove any materials, information, or data from BC locations. Officeblvd.com will pay for this procedure. If we find that there is a discrepancy in what should have been paid and the actual payments, you will be responsible for any fees and expenses, including but not limited to legal fees, court costs and travel expenses, incurred by us in the event it undertakes any action to collect fees due but not paid by you under this agreement.

In the event of a merger or sale of all or substantially all of your assets, you must notify Officeblvd.com immediately so we can renew a new agreement with the forming company or alliance. Until Officeblvd.com is notified and a new agreement is signed, this agreement will rule all leads referred to the new entity by Officeblvd.com. The new entity will also be responsible for any fees left unpaid by you and for new billing resulting from continued occupancy of current clients of yours that were referred by Officeblvd.com.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this Commercial Agreement, please contact us at: inquire@officeblvd.com. We will respond within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving it.




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